Welcome to Academic Success
Where middle and high school students find their methods for consistent success
In-Person Tutoring
For students that need more in-person engagement in their lessons
Online Tutoring
Scheduling to compliment the balance of middle and high school demands
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What Results Can I Expect

  • Increased interest in school from your child
  • Improved scores on tests and assignments
  • Less stress about school

What Parents Are Saying

Within weeks my daughter's interest in the failing subjects improved. She was able to complete her assignments and was caught up. The report cards confirmed, grades moving up from Cs to As and Bs!
- Ravel

How Much Does It Cost?

Cost varies on the support needed. Contact us to let us know your challenges.

Welcome To Strong Branch Learning

This is where learning is meaningful and engaging. Our tutors care about who their student is and what their goals are. We make lessons align with what your family wished to accomplish. Students enjoy our lessons because they know we love questions and making education fun!

Below is a list of subjects we help with.

We support all learning styles and needs. Contact us to learn more about your child’s options for the following subjects.

  • Reading 
  • Writing
  • Algebra
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus

Support Made for Your Child

After a free consultation, each lesson is individually planned by us. Common lesson duration is 1 hour. Each lesson is followed up by custom lesson reports. We empower students to track their own grades and send results to you. When possible we collaborate with teachers on study tips and homework feedback. Our digital classroom makes it easy to refer back to notes and track how students complete their work.
Support for your child
Online flexability

Online Flexibility

Both online and in-person lessons are typically 1 hour. Online lessons allow students to meet at anytime that works best throughout the day (i.e. during breaks in school or after school)

What Parents Have To Say


Your child is unique. Your family needs are as well. Let us hear what your challenges are, we are happy to help!