Excited to Start School

As a Kid, I never looked forward to the start of school as a kid. I was doubtful about being able to succeed in the new year. 

The last night of summer was always a tough bedtime: What if my teacher is mean? Too tough? What if I am not smart enough to pass?

All star pro athletes feel comfortable in the biggest moments because they built their confidence on a foundation of preparation.

Kids need that for starting school.

Strong Branch Students feel less anxious because our welcoming & engaging lessons bring joy to their learning. We practice what is needed, but nothing more, because summer is out there waiting for us to enjoy it! 

I am glad we are finally doing geometry” says one of our students this summer, who was once adverse to math. His anxiety has transformed into anticipation. 

If you and/or your kiddo is dreading the start of school, we will be honored to bring encouragement and confidence. To make the final days of summer the best stretch of the year



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